The exhibition project Middle Gate II – The Story of Dymphna is a collaboration between M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp) and the cultural centre de Werft in Geel. Middle Gate II is the follow up to the exhibition Middle Gate, curated by Jan Hoet in Geel in 2013. The exhibition concept is closely tied to the legend of the holy Dymphna, saint of the possessed, the mentally ill and patroness against epilepsy and insanity. The legend of Dymphna shares a strong connection to the identity of Geel, "the charitable city".

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / AMVK

De 4 Uitersten, 1984
Video , 00:05:57
16 mm film

(The Four Extremes)

"Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell are the Jesuits’ Four Extremes. These are the stages that must be followed to reach that state of grace in which sin, Evil, is constrained. I made my own extremes in which, through banality and repetition, sacrifice and devotion, I come to the conclusion that Evil only exists by the grace of Good, and vice versa.

Collage, montage, manipulation, indoctrination, information – these five words are for me the twentieth century in a nutshell. They are concepts that formed me as a person born in 1951. Brainwashing, information, education... I have always experienced them as the same thing. As a human being, I feel obliged to undergo all of this with my eyes wide open, to use it, to transcend it, to live with it."


Camera: AMVK, Danny Hiele

Editing: AMVK

Animation: AMVK

Soundtrack: AMVK

Actors: Guy Cassiers, DDV, Marc Vanrunxt

Produced by: AMVK / Club Moral / Akademie Merksem